Taylor Swift sets sights on mixology post-tour


Taylor Swift is hoping to add another skill to her arsenal by taking mixology classes during her down time.

The Style singer recently wrapped up her 1989 World Tour and to celebrate, she released a documentary of her global trek exclusively on Apple Music on Sunday (20Dec15).

The film, directed by Jonas Akerlund, features never-before-seen footage from backstage and tour rehearsals, as well as the special guests who have joined the pop star during the tour, including Mick Jagger, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez and Miranda Lambert, among others.

Swift also discussed what she plans to do during her much-needed break from touring, revealing she has a desire to acquire a new set of skills, which include saving lives and mixing drinks like a pro.

She says, “I want to learn CPR. Maybe a mixology class. I want to learn how to, like, make a good drink. Maybe I’ll just eat carbs and nothing else for the next couple of months. I don’t have to wear any crop tops.”

Earlier this month (Dec15) Taylor sat down with Apple Music for an exclusive interview and during the chat the superstar gave insight into her daily life, noting fame heightens paranoia about people being out to get her.

“Something that scares me a little bit is how valuable it would be to find something that I’ve done wrong, or to find something that is problematic about me,” she said. “I do have moments where I get really scared, like, ‘Whos trying to take pictures inside my hotel room window?’ You live your life with the blinds drawn in every room you go into. And that’s the part that kind of gets to me sometimes, is that every day — like right now, there’s someone in TMZ trying to dig through my trash and figure out what I did wrong.”