‘Weird Al’ Yankovic to Voice ‘Batman’ Villain


“Weird Al” Yankovic will lend his singular vocal stylings to a new animated Batman movieimage, Batman vs. Robin — voicing one of the Dark Knight’s foes, the Dollmaker, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The Dollmaker debuted as a Batman villain in 2011 (he’s the son of a cannibalistic serial killer) and his modus operandi is particularly grotesque: He stitches together the body parts of his victims to make dolls. In one particularly gruesome instance, the Dollmaker cut off the face of the Joker per that lunatic’s request.

Batman vs. Robin is inspired by Scott Snyder’s 2012 comics storyline, Batman: The Court of Owls, and will also serve as a sequel to 2014’s Son of Batman. The story specifically revolves around a secret society that has been kidnapping the children of Gotham and raising them to be assassins.

The new film will also feature voice work from Kevin Conroy, who will play Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas after years of voicing the Dark Knight himself in numerous projects including the Batman: The Animated Series and the Arkham video games. Batman vs. Robin will make its world premiere at WonderCon, which runs April 3rd through the 5th in Anaheim; a home release is scheduled for the spring, though a date has yet to be announced.

Last year, “Weird Al” released his fourteenth album, Mandatory Fun. To mark the occasion, the king of pop parody released eight videos in eight days, including his send ups of Pharrell Williams (“Tacky”), Robin Thicke (“Word Crimes”), Lorde (“Foil”) and Iggy Azaela (“Handy”), as well as his homages to the Pixies (“First World Problems”), Southern Culture on the Skids (“Lame Claim to Fame”) and Crosby, Stills and Nash (“Mission Statement”). “Weird Al” will announce a new slate of tour dates on January 20th; he’s also already scheduled to appear at this year’s Governors Ball in New York City.