ALBUM Broken Witt Rebels Georgia Pine EP

Oh very the hell YEAH!!

This is rock the way it was meant to be – passionate, loud, played with commitment, very loud and kicking ass from the opening bars of ‘Low’ to the last riffery of ‘Guns’.

They’ve been around for a couple of years but last year was their breakthrough with some stellar live performances including Camden Rocks festival and Time Out Best of Rising Stars at the Jazz Café. That gave them impetus but this EP takes them to another place.

I must have heard a thousand bands in the last few years who paid homage to the 70’s greats and most of them are no more than piss-poor copyists of Zeppelin or Free. Broken Witt Rebels are one of the few who manage to imbue the classic sound with their own sound and feel. Danny Core’s vocals are awesome, loaded with passion and his range is wonderful – one of the best I’ve heard since the grit and steel of Stevie Marriot. Match that against James Tranter’s chiming lead guitar and a powerhouse rhythm section (Luke Davis – bass & James Dudley – drums) and you get a rock band who tick a lot of boxes.

All 5 tracks on the EP are worth the price of admission but the title track is absolutely monstrous with some superb fluctuations in pace and intensity and then you find yourself against the beautiful ‘Getaway Man’ – a power ballad to make that benighted form acceptable again.

Definitely one to watch for the future but their NOW is worth all the hype too.