1.What got you into making music?

: man thats a good question. I was born in 88 so you know i grew up listening to Pac and Biggie. i have to say California Love video got me interested. How they followed the Road Warrior theme. Thats what really kicked it off. I would always rap in the mirror
and tell my self i would be a star one day. in 2000 i started writing full songs to instrumentals on the internet, thats when you still had AOL and that Dial up speeds going.  I hopped in my first Booth my freshman year of highshcool. Been recording ever since.
2.What Has been Your best experience musically So far?
: so far its been just traveling different places to record or shoot a music video. I love Doing the shows, the screams and flashy lights get me. i def need to give a shout out to my fans out there. i appreciate all of you and I will be coming with new music soon.
3.What current project do you have available?
: Right now I just released my solo debut album “Tha Over-Dose” which is out on all music outlets digitally. Also Have my “Play For Keeps” video out on WorldStar which hit over.1.3 million views.
4. What shows have you recently done?
:.I just Performed at the Idle Hour in Sacramento with C-Dubb and LIttle Bruce, I have a upcoming Show in July out in Salt Lake City with J-Diggs of Thizz Ent and Coolio Da Unda Dogg. At the moment we are currently booking more Shows for the near future.
5.what makes you stand out as an artist?
: For me it has to be the Infantry soldier in me and my crazy imagination. I was in the Army for almost 2 and a half years in the Infantry getting ready to deploy. Ive seen and trained for different scenarios and apply some of that to my music. everyone can be an artist, its a lot more discipline to serve in the Armed Forces.
With that said i  like to give a big shoutout to our men and women serving out in our military and who have served in our military. I also can adapt to my surroundings, fit in everywhere as if im suppose to be there.
6. what are your up coming big moves to mention?
: Right now i am Working on a Duo album with Sleepy Trees, thats in the works as we speak, also working on my second album which for the moment I am going to keep the Title a secret. The one thing i can say is i will have some more features. Im finishing up a song that i did
with Mozzy from out in Sacramento.  The Other artists im going to have to hold on to for now.
7.where can people find your music?
; you can find my music on all the major outlets
stream on spotify- 2 Doses
also can find it on itunes. just search for 2 Doses.
8. what are your social media handles?
: instagram  2doses_official
twitter          2doses_official
will be working on an artist page for facebook.