I got into making music when I realized how important music really was to me. I noticed that every time I was going through some shit, that I’d have a song that related perfectly, then I just starting writing my own music so that other people like me, had something to relate to.

So far my best experience musically would have to be when i was recognized by Henry AZ, an artist signed to Juicy J’s label “Mofaces”. I’ve looked up to AZ for awhile, and now we got projects coming.

So far everything I have to offer is found on my soundcloud. The only track I have in stores is a project I released when I was much younger.

I’m actually about to do my first show on July 21st.

I would have to say that my flows, and subjects stand out as an artist compared to what’s “Hot” now. I don’t mumble and alls I rap about is what I live on a day by day basis. I’m from a tiny farm town in Michigan called McBain. Where someone rapping like I am, shouldn’t be coming up from.

Some big moves that I’m about to get into would have to be getting put on Hood and Associates Undiscovered Gold Volume 6, projects with Henry AZ, shows coming up, and just putting out song after song.

People can find all my music on my soundcloud.

You can follow me on Instagram: @acedit100
To keep up with everything I got going in music.

If you want to hear real facts about coming up, relationships, family and all that, then check out my music because that’s all I really want anyone to ever hear, the TRUTH.