Artist Spotlight: J-Familiar

 Focus one news artist spotlight J-Familiar

What got you into making music?

I, J-Familiar began my rap journey at the age of 7years old inside my house with my father as he created music working with turn tables and big speakers. In the 3rd grade my father began to show me how to write lyrics in the form of bars. I was always interested in the sounds but I began to know how to write hooks to the tunes now on another level. My relative started a label called Parcstyle in Compton Ca. where I started to learn on a larger scale recording my lyrics and doing videos putting my music out in the streets.

I then knew this is really where i belonged.

  What has been your best experience musically so far?

So far one of my best experience’s with

music is the fact that i can be myself doing what i love to do best.  As  well as  being  on the stage with different artists like Sugafree, Dj Quik, Compton Av, W.C, AMG, Hi-C 2nd to none, etc. Seeing them rock the crowd and being able to feel the energy they received as the stage shakes, has been an  incredible feeling and has giving  me  encouragement  as an artist that i can receive the same  in return if i be patient and keep working towards my goals.

Tell us about being a rapper in your city?Being a rap artist on the West coast in the city of Compton Ca, with lots of competition

can be competitive at times,  for me i’ve always had support and  love  by being accepted by knowing so many people from all over but remaining to be the same  person  on a good level consistently.

 What are some wild stories you have experienced?

Wild stories?, I’ve seen a lot and have been around a lot. Some can’t even be disclosed lol. Some on a personal level that still haunts me today maybe i’II drop a few records with some stories when i feel the media is ready to receive it. Hold up, here’s one I was about 1O years old staying a night over a family member house when one of my big cousin’s was like im going on crenshaw tonight so i insisted that i can go he replied no Jaray. Him and a set of friends hoped inside the truck so I hoped in anyway by that time he could’ve turned around but his crew convinced him to let me go anyway. So we get on the shaw a parking lot full of teenagers and adults hanging out dancing drinking im hyping up the crowd next thing you know 40 to 50 minutes later a fight breaks out guns get

pulled out shooting occurs my little scary self

hops in the expedition shut the back trunk crying take me home. I was Blessed to make it out that situation we all were but that’s what i get for thinking i was grown.

 What current proiects do you have


My current projects i have available is No Title a EP i worked on with one of my producers out the West Coast on [tunes.

I also have a another EP i worked on called Route 92 produced by one of my guys who’ve worked with Wu-Tang Clan  for a very  long time inside the studio and  across  the  world on tour, that’s on  Datpiff.  Currently I’m working with some great people with so

much in store even doing some behind the scenes work just stay tuned.

 What shows have you done recentlv?

Recently I haven’t doing any shows especially with us having to quarantine. I’ve just being staying creative writing and  recording most of all building a big catalog so when it all unfolds im ready to go all in Nonstop.

 What makes you standout as an artist?

As a artist one thing I can definitely say

about J-Familiar music is its a different sound. A lot different from other artists to

where I be thinking I should make music like them. Most people tell me to keep my style the way it is,  its very hard for me  to change it anyway, some tell me soon you’ll be discovered.

What are your up coming big moves tomention?

My upcoming moves I’m learning now not to just focus on the big stage and having all the attention. So i’ve been focusing on  my new music of course. But also learning from my mentors that have been putting me on another level to spread my talent in this rap game write for other’s get involved  after all,  it is the music business.

 Where can people find your music (links)?

Spotify: J-Familiar

Datpiff: J-Familiar Youtube: J-Familiar Pandora: J-Familiar

What’s your social media handles?

I’m not to much a social media head  im learning to engage as an artist to use those tools because it can help  but  i can  be  found on lnstagram under “J_Familiar92” as well as my facebook page “Jaray  Williams”  show some love. Thanks.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an artist?

Be on the look out for all of my new material after all this is what I love to do.