When I was young I always listened to the GREAT UGK, 2PAC, Master P, Hot Boy’s, Mr.Magic, and other great hip hop artist, so when I moved to St.Louis, Mo. I linked up with a artist named Joker, we did a callabo and I kept pushing even harder after my Father (Rickey Demming) died in 2008!!
My best experience has been having the privilege to meet spectacular artist in hip hop and traveling to Hollywood,Ca shooting my first video “I’m Fresh I’m Clean”
I currently have a project on sound cloud called “I’m Ready Like Webbie” and I also have a video that can be found on Vimeo called “I’m Fresh I’m Clean”
Within the last couple month’s I have done shows in Atlanta,Ga where I meet the great “King James Worthy”, I have made appearances in Texas, Shreveport, St.Louis, and California
As a artist I standout because of my motivation, enthusiasm, energy, and show that I give the WORLD!! My perspective as a artist is not to be just a rapper but to be a inspiration
I am currently working on a album called KareemVsKilla that is going to show the world no matter what you face, put it into lyrics or rhymes and TRUST YA PROCESS
As a artist everything you are about to witness about me is all Facts non Fiction, I’m not a pretender, this is the real deal!! I do everything I do for my son Kareem Jr. He is my FUTURE!!!!