Making music started out as a fun hobby that came natural to me. Seeing how people react to your music and wonder what you are dropping next is the best thing musically that had happened to me thus far. Most of my projects are on my group page I’m soundcloud “GFC Gems” mainly various singles with the name Rocky Rex included In the song. I haven’t done any shows yet. One of my group members “GFC” has performed in Rock hill South Carolina opening up for Lil Baby. My greatest attributes as an artist would be creativity and originality. The ability to change flows and adjust to different styles of music and beats. Late August will bring big group moves for GFC and a dope single I’m dropping as well called “Options”. People can find my link to my music in the link in my bio on Instagram @Kingbreed_. Im also found on Facebook at Rakim Breeden, Twitter at BigBreed_, Soundcloud at Rakim Breeden, and at Snapchat at kingrakim45. I’m on a relentless path to make it as an artist I ain’t going no where.