What got you into music?

Singing in church at Sunday school as a child opened up the doors as well as the gift of song , I would stand in front of the congregation as child as small as six years of age to sing solo’s on my own.

What has been your best experience musically so far?

The feedback that I receive from total strangers who feel my energy and can relate to my pain as well as passionate sultry ghetto style.

What current projects do you have?

Just released single MONEY MULA, plus upcoming  album Love &Sacrifice be ready  by the fall looking at September 2018 release with Hood and Associates Record Label, I am going to have some fun with this album just releasing singles from the album spontaneously like my attitude  lol , I got some work on a couple of DJ’s like DJ Envy and DJ Ryze unsigned talent search on Datpiff .com  as well as Undiscovered Gold Volume 1&2 hosted by Hood and Associates Record Label  and and few other spots I got an album on youtube called Demons or Angels featuring some on my introductory hits like ON FIRE LOVE IS MINE and SCARS , then finally a freestyle on Distrokid called CAN’T SMOKE definitely fire.

What shows have you done recently?

I just did Coast 2Coast June 20th 2018 at Voltage Lounge in Philly planning on going back there soon as album drop in September to perform MONEY MULA , did an open mic June 11th at HDE Luxury Studio as well as a Coast2Coast live music video showcase for hit ON FIRE from DEMONS or ANGELS April 18 2018.

What makes you stand out as an artist?

The simple fact that I do not know how to do anything except for being myself, yes I have been told I remind people of such and such however I am just me.

What are your upcoming big moves to mention?

My album LOVE & SACRIFICE be out by the fall look forward to a Video for MONEY MULA as well as more visuals definitely a performance in the fall when album drops as well as visiting a couple cities .

Where can people find your music?

I got a couple songs streaming at all app sites as well as Distrokid.  You can locate DEMONS or ANGELS on you and album LOVE & SACRIFICE will be streaming everywhere by September.  Datpiff mixtapes DJ Ryze hosted drops July 17th

What is your social media handles?

Therealladydon@ Therealaddydon@ Ri-Ri Castro as, and for bookings and serious inquiries

The most that I can say is get to know me Love me please never judge me for I am human just like you I am more like you then different and please do not confuse my passion and talent  for anything more then what it is with Love PeaceIMG_20180407_102415_340