1. I was actually always into music but i was behind the scenes putting money behind other artist until so many people started telling me i should put the money behind myself and ever since then ive been making music that tells my story.
2. My best experience musically has been from my fans contacting me telling me how certain songs remind them of something they have went through or how my music has brought a smile to there face.
3. I have a album called gangland mix tape that i put out a while back and i currently have several singles out to a upcoming album that will be out in less than a month called from broke to everything rich. Its a double CD and every song on this album will speak to my fans.
4. In the last month ive had about 3 shows. One i opened up for bay area legend Mac Mall in San Jose, I performed BET weekend in LA and this passed Friday I performed at the famous complex in Oakland CA. I have another show coming up next weekend opening up for Clyde Carson in San Jose.
5. I think what makes me stand out as a artist is my voice, my sound is kind of old school rap meets new school rap. I also think I stand out because my music is actually my life story. Its not something I learned from other peoples stories but my life story in fact.
6. I have a upcoming show opening up for Clyde Carson and I have a song called “Aint Real” that was placed in an upcoming film called “Hey Mr. Postman” starring Omar Gooding and A.J johnson
7. my music can be found on all musical platforms such as Spotify, youtube, tidal, sound cloud just to name a few.
8. IG: theofficialrychtwyn
     Snap Chat: RychTwyn
    Twitter: Rychtwyn1
     Facebook: Rych Twyn
9. I would just like to say that listening to my music you will learn so much about me as  a artist and person in general. I’m just trying to feed my kids and make it to where they never have to do any of the things i had to do growing up.