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Behr and Tony Tag


Rip Behr!

  1. I didn’t start out making music – i was developing my Splitarillos business.  Once we were ready to expand, i began a marketing campaign and music was a major factor.  I feel like music is important to all business. I’m from SF and so i linked up with my favorite talent and did compilations.  It wasn’t long before E-40 and others asked me to get on tracks.  And then Ghazi of Empire helped me get my music out online.  
  2. One of my best music experience was when Rappin’ 4 tay and I performed in Seattle Washington at Hempfest in front of something like a 100,000 people.  The energy on stage and in front of the crowd was amazing.  Once we were done i wanted to do it again.  4 Tay was like my mentor in the beginning.  
  3. I’m a trendsettah. Right now working on IST  (I set trends).   My products include Macwoods, Splittarillos, Splitwoods.  We’re in 48 states.         The other big thing i’m working on is my Eyeconic record label.  I’ve been connecting with A-list artists and learning the ropes.    Now i’m a brand ambassador and got big plans, collaborating with the best artists.  As far as IST, we’re taking out the competition.     
  4. My new Million Dollar song with RBE Legendary:  Sneakk and Flexcitystreets of SOB X RBE is a hot record out now.  Please listen, it’s on all digital platforms, and check out the video too.   Link:
  5. Recently I was in Miami, and Las Vegas with DJ Khaled on the We the Best tour.   Now i rep We The Best just like Khaled and his entourage.  Being part of the entourage is an amazing feeling.   
  6. Next i’ll be on the Global Gangin’ tour with SOB X RBE and On the Run tour with Jay-Z and Beyonce with We The Best. 
  7. What makes me different is how i became successful.  Some do it thru YouTube, or SoundCloud and that’s great, but I did it thru working hard and pushing promoting my business all over.   I’m swagged out with a different cut of the cloth.  My ethnic background is middle eastern and i made it into the music industry thru business.  Which is not easy to do.
  8.      My IG handle is official_tonytag,  TonyTagVevo,
  9. I’m thankful that I have had such great mentors –  shout out to Ghazi of Empire records for helping me get the music out.  Shout DJ Khaled for his advice and inspiration.  And Shout out to my Eyeconic team for all the hard work.