Corey Taylor of Slipknot not happy about viral Kanye West video


More than 3 million people have now watched Corey Taylor tell Kanye West that he is not the greatest living rock star on the planet. Taylor’s short and funny clip for Music Choice has become one of the most popular things that the singer has ever done, a point that is not lost on the man who fronts two successful groups, Slipknot and Stone Sour, has sold a ton of albums and has written three books. (Haven’t seen his video? Check it out below.)

During an interview with Opie Radio, Taylor tells the outlet about the rivalry that has now started between Slipknot fans and Kanye West fans, as well as his disgust for becoming a viral star because of this video. “Everybody’s like Kayne West has way more Grammys than Slipknot has albums,” says Taylor. “I’m like getting a Grammy now is like getting a Teen Choice Award. Who cares?…By the way, I have one.” Taylor does nothing to calm the brewing feud during the interview, taking a few more jabs at West’s behavior and at his wife Kim Kardashian’s celebrity status. We’ve cued the video up above.

Taylor also remarked how quickly his video took off, and how many people are now commenting on it. “I woke up and now the academics are in on it,” he continued. “There’s all these blogs on it. Like, ‘Well, Corey actually kind of is the greatest living rock star, and this is why,’ blah-blah-blah.”

So, is the singer enjoying his newfound viral status? Taylor delivered a resounding ‘No,’ to that question. “God, no – because it’s so ridiculous. Here’s the thing, I’ve written three books, I’ve sold millions of albums, I’m in two different bands, I’m in movies and sh-t,” he explained. “And this is what it took? And this is what it took! Me talking about some hard-on? I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, man.’”

Taylor is currently promoting his third book, You’re Making Me Hate You, and the singer said his sudden bump in popularity over something like this is a prime example of one of the things he talks about in the book. “See that’s the problem, that’s one of the reasons I wrote the book. See, everything has flipped on itself,” Taylor comments. “It doesn’t take anything to be famous any more. It used to be, you had to have talent, you had to have a work ethic, you had to have something creative and special to be able to be famous. Now, you come out of the right cooch, you get a reality show, you’re famous. I’m like really? I was born in the wrong f–king decade.”

You’re Making Me Hate You was released on July 7 and you can order it on Amazon now.

Corey Taylor Rants About Kanye West