Dave Ellefson says the next Megadeth album is pretty much written


Megadeth split with drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick last year and fans have gone into overdrive speculating who might take their place.

A return to the Rust In Peace era lineup of Dave Mustaine, Ellefson, drummer Menza and guitarist Friedman is the most popular choice, but Mustaine and Ellefson refuse to be drawn on who they have in mind.

Despite being down to just two members, Megadeth have been writing a new record and Ellefson says the sessions are going well.

He tells Ultimate Guitar: “We have it pretty much written. We need to go in and record. And we’re looking at lineup things. That’s the big question.

“But that’s all moving forward. And we’ll know more in the coming days, weeks, and certainly as the record’s being made, that will tell more. I mean, to me, the record has to be great, and that will determine where the lineup goes.”

Although he wouldn’t confirm or deny whether Menza and Friedman are in the frame, Ellefson admitted he’s in contact with the pair.

He adds: “We’re very aware of what a lot of people are hoping we do. And I’ve connected with Nick over the last few years and Marty’s always been a friend.”