Ed Sheeran on Wembley stadium tonight


Ed Sheeran was on the Capital London Breakfast Show this morning talking to Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon.

Ed plays Wembley Stadium tonight – the first of three sold-out shows and his final UK shows for the X album ‘ support by One Republic.

The singer/songwriter chats about dealing with his break up, his friendship with Elton John as well as his mounting nerves for his Wembley debut tonight. Ed also jokes about his struggles with the hot weather, and lends his support to Andy Murray for the Wimbledon match today.

DB ‘ Dave Berry
ES ‘ Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran reveals he is single:
DB – ‘Now, in the back of the Capital Cab it’s truth or dare. The truth, basically I get to ask you a really awkward question about your love life.’
ES ‘ ‘It’s actually non existent at the moment. I’m not in anything.’
DB ‘ ‘That was that and now there’s music and business, hopefully there will be someone else.’
ES ‘ ‘Do you know what, my relationship ended and then the day after it ended I was in the Middle East, Asia, South America, New Zealand ‘ I was just gone and in my mind I had no time to settle with it. So I was just working, working, working. So yeah I’m still kind of in that space, I’m still in my working space. I haven’t really had time to sit back and re-evaluate personal life, because I don’t really have a personal life.’
DB ‘ ‘Have you had an intrusion into that as far as the press around the world go?’
ES ‘ ‘It’s been quite a weird thing, the first album never really got any press and now there’s good press and bad press and there’s untrue press and there’s assumption press. I don’t know if I’ve got to a certain point in my career where I should just expect newspapers to try and take me down but I’ve always been nice and polite to people, always said yes to interviews, always tried to be cool and give people tickets and I guess everyone has a job to do and their job is to take me down.’

Ed Sheeran freaking out about his Wembley debut tonight:
DB ‘ ‘Let’s move on now and talk about Wembley. How are you feeling about that I mean, because I know that you love performing live and everything but is this daunting even by your standards?’
ES ‘ ‘The thing that freaks me out is someone said it was twice the size of Glastonbury.’
DB ‘ ‘If you add it all together?’
ES ‘ ‘Yeah, I think Glastonbury is 120,000 people. so that’s what freaks me out.’
DB ‘ ‘Two whole Glastonburys and a full O2!’
ES ‘ ‘Yeah, it’s weird.’
DB ‘ ‘And you’ve bought the last pair of tickets to be there with you this morning.’
ES ‘ ‘I have’

Elton John gives Ed Sheeran a wise tip for his Wembley debut:
ES ‘ ‘I’m going to namedrop for one second ‘ I just got a phone call in the car from Elton John who was talking about the gig [tonight], and he was like ‘How are you feeling about it?’ and I was like ‘I’m quite nervous, when was your first stadium?’, and he said ‘My first stadium was Wembley Stadium, and the Beach Boys were my opening act, and I decided not to play any hits and play a whole new album that nobody had ever heard and it was probably the worst decision’. So yeah, he did it, I’m not going to do it.’

Dave Berry mocks Ed Sheeran’s new car:
DB ‘ ‘Haven’t you recently purchased your first car, is this right?’
ES ‘ ‘Yeah, I got a mini!’
ES ‘ ‘I got a new one. All my mates were telling me that I shouldn’t get one because I’m not an estate agent or a hairdresser but I disagree. I like minis. I’ve always always wanted a mini.’
DB ‘ ‘Every girl I’ve been romantically involved with has always had one of those.’
ES ‘ ‘ See this is my point. Do you have any guy mates that have one?’
DB ‘ ‘I don’t actually.’
ES ‘ ‘That’s my point.’
DB ‘ ‘Oh actually, one, but he’s an estate agent. I’m joking, I don’t have any estate agent friends.’
ES ‘ ‘Well I really like it. I haven’t learnt yet, though, and I was meant to do my driving theory yesterday but I had to cancel it because I didn’t learn it.’

Ed Sheeran on the hot weather:
ES: ‘I’m a clammy person in the sun. I sweat, a lot. I have a mate that sweats when he contemplates things, like he sweats when he eats, he sweats when he walks, he sweats when he wakes up, he sweats when he thinks.’
DB: ‘He’s a sweaty individual.’

Murray’s headed for a win, according to Ed Sheeran
ES: ‘I think he will do really well today, he’s got his game face on.’
DB: ‘Do you think he will win?’
ES: ‘I’m sure of it.’

Ed Sheeran reveals his favourite Wimbledon dish:
ES: ‘Let me give you a tip: if you buy a Toblerone and you melt it in a pot over a stove. Then you pour it on strawberries and then eat them with cream.. That’s what’s going on.’