Katy Perry on her upcoming Super Bowl 2015 performance


Perry: I’m not Beyoncé!

Katy Perry thinks she will be ‘a different flavour of ice cream’ to Beyoncé when it comes to her Super Bowl performance.

The Dark Horse singer is the star half time performer at the annual American Football final, which takes place at the University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1. The 30-year-old will take to the stage two years after fellow songstress Beyoncé, but Katy admits it will be a very different show.

‘I am not Beyoncé! We all know that. I am human,” she nervously joked to Entertainment Tonight. “I’ll be something else. There’s so many flavours of ice cream and I’ll be a different one.”

However following with tradition, Katy will be inviting some big names to join her on stage during her performance. Rocker Lenny Kravitz will be one of them, although the beauty wouldn’t reveal what song they would be teaming up on.

“I can tell you this, I have some special guests, I have many costumes, I have different worlds that I’m creating and I would say that my entrance and my exit are very unique,’ she teased. ‘I think the speculation is very fun. I don’t usually like speculation but I’m like, ‘Hey, it’s like bringing everybody into the conversation’ and you know, on Feb. 1 you’ll see what’s actually going to go down.”

The half time show is expected to be one of the most-watched musical events of the year, with 115 million viewers watching last year’s performer Bruno Mars.

Katy has big shoes to fill and while she’s nervous, she’s also excited to have the opportunity.

‘I’m always like, ‘Are you sure I’m invited to the party? Are you sure? Can I come?'” she joked. “I do know the incredible amount of responsibility I have for this performance, and i think when the universe gives you these things, it’s just asking you if you’re ready for the next level. And I’m getting ready.”