LeAnn Rimes dealt with breakdown in ‘graceful’ manner

Singer LeAnn Rimes tried to stay graceful as her life crumbled around her.

The Can’t Fight the Moonlight star found fame at 13 and over the past two decades has had to publicly go through her fair share of hardships.

As well as filing a lawsuit against her father and former manager for allegedly stealing money from her, LeAnn has also checked into rehab and embarked on an affair with her now-husband Eddie Cibrian while still married to Dean Sheremet.

After a three year break from making new music LeAnn is back with album Remnants, a record which documents how she has grown as a person.

“This is a powerful record for me. I’m in my 30s now and whether it’s in your 30s or at some other point in your life, everyone will go through a kind of crumbling of sorts and for me it was about trying to do that as gracefully as possible,” she told Hello! magazine. “There is a real beauty in allowing that to happen as you get to pick up the piece and rebuild them to find out who you really are. Starting in the music industry so young, there were so many influences that weren’t truly me, but this album comes from the inside out.”

Remnants is scheduled to hit shelves on 28 October (16), 20 years after her debut album Blue was released.

Unlike her last offering, 2013’s Spitfire, 34-year-old LeAnn insists her new record is all about love.

“I know I’m not the only one that’s been through heartache and that so many women can relate to it. The last album was coming from chaos and this one if coming from love. I feel very settled now,” she smiled.