Nicki Minaj: I’m multidimensional

Nicki Minaj loves being a multidimensional musician.

The 32-year-old rapper has sold millions of records worldwide since her debut album Pink Friday was released in 2010.

And Nicki thinks her style offers something unique from other more ‘one dimensional’ artists.

‘I can be sexual, I can be lyrical and I can be emotional and you really don’t find that a lot and not just with women but with men,’ she told Mail Online. ‘Sometimes I think I put even more pressure than people would ever know. I have always pushed the envelope with lyrics and I always want people to say and talk about a dope Nicki line and I have always been that way.

‘I think that I have inspired new female rappers to not only talk about your vagina but to also say witty things that dudes say and put it in our own words and just be lyrical.’

Nicki released her third studio album The Pinkprint last year and she’s launching her The Pinkprint Tour in Stockholm, Sweden on March 16.

She is excited about performing, as the star now feels free to be authentic with her concert performances.

‘It’s very rare that I just get to be on stage and speak from my heart to people who know me,’ Nicki said. ‘I think this year it’s been so much more freeing and maybe because The Pinkprint touches on a lot of things but I think just as a human being I feel free now and I’m going to continue being free and if that’s sharing more then that’s what I’ll do.

‘I felt like I had come to a different space in my life and I realised it’s ok to be happy and not really care what people’s opinions are because they’re going to have opinions no matter what.’