Bitter’s Kiss No One Will

bitters-kiss-the-rope-436x291I conducted and accidental experiment – one that yielded some fairly unexpected results: I Googled ‘no one will’ – the general phrase – and the first, immediate autofill return was ‘no one will ever love me’. Initially I naively believed it may be in reference to Bitter Kiss’s capricious record but it’s actually full of forum postings from troubled individuals with inadequacy issues, stretching forth their despairing hands, searching for support from kindred spirits. It was a poignant revelation that highlighted to me the relevance of this song reaching back and ensuring thousands – if not millions – of people that they are, at least, not alone.

‘No One Will’ adumbrates Bitter’s Kiss’s angsty yet precocious album. It’s one of the greatest instances of the youngster eloquently dealing with the complexities of intimate relationships, and the plethora of emotions involved, in an engaging and digestible way. Beginning each line of each verse with the titular three-word phrase, ‘No One Will’ is like a melodised effeuiller la marguerite with a sneering gibe aimed at lovebird couples from a lovelorn brat: “I don’t mind watching couples hold hands. I hope they are happy because they won’t be in the end when one of them is left heartbroken” she scoffs but with such ‘Vitamin C’-style twee that you almost disregard this Kiss’s bitterness. It’s a really clever mixture of sincerity, levity and soft-rock-cum-folk musicality that just works superbly here.