Sia This Is Acting (Deluxe Version)

Rather astoundingly it is less than a year since Sia released the phenomenal This Is Acting. Packed to the brim with pop anthems she had penned and co-penned for some of the music world’s biggest names, it was very little surprise that Sia impressed with the songs. Having dominated the radio waves around the world with Alive and Cheap Thrills, Sia recently teased the release of a deluxe edition album with the equally irrepressible The Greatest.

The biggest question with any deluxe edition album released after an extended period is whether it is worth re-investing as someone who already owns the original. There are many occasions where the couple of additional songs are simply thrown out there as filler while an artist focuses on new material for a full length album release. Naturally this is not the case with Sia. Sia’s work as a songwriter is prolific and it goes almost without saying that any new material that surfaces can be expected to be of a certain pedigree. This Is Acting – Deluxe Version is no exception.

At it’s most innovate, This Is Acting – Deluxe Version delivers the haunting Jesus Wept. With an unexpected air of Lana Del Rey, this sweeping beauty also harks back to Sia’s own earlier body of work. Stripping away the pounding beats, Sia brings an intimacy to her delivery that is remiss in the work of so many of her contemporaries. Equally notable is the euphoric Confetti, which is without doubt set to become her next big single.

While alternative versions of Cheap Thrills, Move Your Body and The Greatest are all notable, it is in the new material that the album achieves musical gold.

As a deluxe re-release this may appeal most to die-hard fans, but it has merit of it’s own. This is worth adding to your collection, whether in it’s complete format or by simply downloading the new additions.