Niall Horan refuses to pick least favourite bandmate during truth-telling game

Niall Horan chose to drink a revolting salmon smoothie rather than reveal his least favourite member of One Direction during a U.S. talk show game.

The boyband star, who is currently promoting his solo music, took part in the Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts segment on The Late Late with James Corden on Wednesday night (26Oct16) alongside Isla Fisher, who was on his team against James and Ewan McGregor.

James chose a salmon smoothie for Niall and Isla to drink if Niall refused to answer the question, “Who is your least favourite member of One Direction?” and the Irish singer laughed, picked up the drink, swore and then seemed to be considering how to form a response.

However, Isla intercepted and said, “I think you should drink. I’m not your publicist but I don’t know that you should” and Niall said he might just take the hit and make up a “c**p answer” so the Australian actress doesn’t have to drink it because of him.

“I’ll take it for you… If you’re gonna be in trouble, I will drink it,” she replied as she gave Niall a bib and before they drank, he said, “For future life, I think I’ll go with this.”

Isla was disgusted by the drink and seemed to spit it out, with parts of it catching her hair as Niall explained, “It’s not so much the taste, the texture… It’s like having a salmon yoghurt.”

During the sketch, he was also asked who he would pick between exes Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding if it was the last night on Earth and after much consideration he picked Ellie, much like he did during a “Who’d You Rather?” game on Ellen DeGeneres’ show earlier that day.

James and Ewan both ate a scorpion and a bite of a beef tongue because James refused to answer which U.S. talk show host he preferred and which artists he’s turned down for Carpool Karaoke, while Ewan simply admitted he had once soiled himself.

After picking up the beef tongue, Isla also opted to tell the truth when asked if her husband Sacha Baron Cohen ever played one of his characters in bed and said that he has never acted like Borat or Bruno – but has looked like them.

She said, “He hasn’t done a character in bed, he’s had a moustache when he’s been Borat or had the blond hair (Bruno), he has been in characters visually but I’ve never heard (Borat catchphrase) ‘wa wa wee wa’ or something.”