Focus one news artist spotlight

What got you into making music?
I started off as a singer at  Grace church in the choir but never continued with music because I was afraid of crowds but always had a love for music and when I lost my sister 2 years ago I just showed me that life is too short not to follow your dreams so then I began working on my own songs for me and friends while still working as a Chef to support myself
What has been your best experience musically so far? Best experience has been  networking being around other artists in the industry weather meeting on instagram or other social media platforms it’s dope sharing and comparing your story with others because even though are lives are different the similarities are still there and I’ve learned to step out of my comfort zone and focus on confidence

What current projects do you have available ? My single No Time feat Future Allah is currently the only single I have released and will be available on undiscovered Gold volume 5 looking forward to connecting with all the artists on this album and I thank God for the opportunity

What shows have you done recently?
Never performed anywhere as I still consider myself an upcoming artist but I look forward to having the opportunity to hit the stage
What makes you standout as an artist?
My hunger and passion for the music and the fact that I’ll put my heart and soul into what I love but will never be a sellout for a paycheck loving God first always knowing this is what keeps me going with the music and in life having the love and support of my family
What are you up coming big moves to mention?
After I’m finished saving my money from my current job I plan to take a month off from work to go to a recording studio and not come out until my ep and mixtape are complete
Where can people find your music (links)? I can also be found on Spotify deezer tidal
What’s your social media handles?
My instagram is @zaybrownmusic my YouTube channel is the same if you ever want to connect with me I’m always on instagram Just don’t post anything often due to work
Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an Artist?
My goal with making music is to help others deal with the things only you see but may not understand or want to understand I don’t  make music for the fame or the money but i won’t sit here and pretend like I don’t need money reasons why I’m working 13-14 hours a day because I believe in hard work and dedication to what I’m doing I also believe in making great music which is why I won’t be so quick to release music just for some quick buzz and notoriety my life could be over at a snap of a finger but my faith in God is what keeps me going every day I battle with anger and depression but I learned that those things aren’t enough to hold me back from chasing and achieving my dreams/goals the music industry is a lot more complicated than I realized but you never truly know things until you jump in and see it for yourself my goal is to change lives for the better with my music for others everywhere because we all have a story to tell I’m currently working on my debut ep titled Overlooked which will include 10 tracks about my life I will Sing and Rap throughout the entire ep as The Lord blessed me with the gift to do both I just hope anyone who listens sees me for who I am and and can relate to what I talk about in my music I also wanna take this time to thank Hood and associates for the opportunity to share a piece of my life with anybody and everybody who reads my interview and for placing me on there album undiscovered Gold volume 5 looking forward to connecting with other artists in the near future