Matr1x is set to kick off their debut album by launching 3 songs February 26 2019 via their recent deal with Hood And Associates and Universal Music Group Distribution. It is going to be a very big year for Verse The Legend, Lead singer, rapper and saxophone player of the group. The well backed group will be launching their live shows soon at MGM inside of On The Record. The group, Talent Pound, Life Support Media Group and Hood And Associates are also working in secret to develop a Las Vegas residency show by Lil Nate Dogg (son of the late Nate Dogg, whom is featured on Matr1x’ debut album (album release date TBA.

The album, HIS STORY EXPLAINED, is an astrological historical musical composition created by a group known as MATR1X – spearheaded by lyricist VERSE the LEGEND and producer SPACE OWL. Brought to you by Life Support Media Group, this album is indeed one for the Ages.

“This album is a roller-coaster ride of sunshine,”  Tremayne Stevenson, the owner of Talent Pound Productionssays.  “Everybody loves roller coasters and everyone loves sunshine. Sometimes you go up and sometimes you go down, but at the end of the day this album has something that everyone loves.”

This is a classic for a few reasons. Lil Nate Dogg paid tribute to his father (R.I.P. NATE DOGG) and the late great Gerald Levert on the smooth song “Casanova”. Then, Verse the Legend makes his own tribute of the godfather of his own camp, the late great Thelonious Monk on the song “Round Midnight”. Such legends as Oscar Goodman and Hugh Hefner also make the album. HIS STORY EXPLAINED is truly game being dropped at its finest, destroying your concept of reality while riding on the wings of the Space Owl with every Verse.

“This album is a masterpiece,” Antonio Parker, of The Language of Jazz says. “Verse and Space Owl has put together an arrangement that would be the envy of Mozart. The album has a backing radio and pr campaign by Tiffany Gaines (SS Global, Universal Music Group Distribution, In Grooves). The group is sure to be at the top of the soundscan, Nielsen BDS charts very soon.

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Matr1x will open for Afroman once again on March 3rd 2019 in Fresno, California. (Previous show footage with Afroman

For more information on where you can see MATR1X live, go to our website at www.MATR1XMusic.COM and be ready to defend themselves, visit

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