Adam Levine against Blake


Adam Levine: ‘I’ll tear Blake apart with The Voice win’

Adam Levine is going to spend the next six months “tearing Blake Shelton apart” after emerging as The Voice US’s winning judge.

The singer’s act Jordan Smith beat coach rival Blake’s two contenders Emily Ann Roberts and Barrett Baber on Tuesday night (15Dec15), giving the Maroon 5 frontman his first win since 2013, and third in total. It’s something Adam won’t let his frenemy live down anytime soon.

“It’s really quite beautiful because Jordan gets to win The Voice and I get to tear Blake apart for the next six months,” he laughed to ET Online. “(I’ll be) bragging about my win and his drought of victory. It’s gonna be great.”

There’s been a friendly rivalry between the judges since the show started in 2011. Adam won the first season, while Blake hit back by emerging victorious for three consecutive seasons after. Team Adam won again in series five, while Blake scored another victory in series seven.

Now Adam has three wins to Blake’s four, meaning he’s hot on the country star’s heels. “I’m gonna think of new and exciting ways to make him feel terrible,” Adam cackled. “It’s gonna be really fun.”

While Adam, 36, is focusing on ways to rub in his victory, his contestant Jordan can’t wait to get his singing career on the road. With such a high-profile start in the industry, big things lie ahead for the 22-year-old.

“Honestly there were so many times when I didn’t think I would be in this position and I’m still blown away,” he marvelled. “I never expected to (get) this far but I’m so honoured to be and so proud to be sitting here out of all these people. This is one of the craziest moments that I’ve experienced.”