Adele is ‘moving to Los Angeles’

Adele is reportedly relocating from her native Britain to Los Angeles for the rest of 2016.

The Rolling in the Deep singer is currently on tour in America until November (16) and she apparently intends to remain the U.S. once the trek is over to spend Christmas in the country with her three-year-old son Angelo and partner Simon Konecki.

She has reportedly snapped up a $7.8 million (£6 million) mansion in Los Angeles where she plans to stay until at least the end of December (16).

“I’m in America for eight months,” she said, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “I’m on tour and then I’m going to have Christmas in America. I haven’t done that before, I’m really excited.”

The singer, who is currently in L.A. to perform at the Staples Center for eight nights in total, also told the crowd that she’s fallen in love with organic health store Bristol Farms.

“Oh my god, Bristol Farms – it’s like a better Whole Foods with brands. I love it. I had a field day there yesterday,” she reportedly said.

During her residency at the venue, which began last week (ends07Aug16), she also told the U.S. audience she was trying her best to tone down her swearing and make her show more family friendly.

Referencing her expletive-filled Glastonbury Festival set, she said, “I managed to swear 33 times. 33 times. I mean I’m not a mathematician – I didn’t even pass my exams and that — but that’s like every couple of minutes, swearing, right?

“I’m trying to powder my tongue a little bit and not swear so much…. I see lots of mothers here, so forgive me if I do. Just know if I do, I never mean it meanly, all right?”