Alice Cooper has Motley Crue deathwish



Alice Cooper has been opening for Motley Crue on their final tour and will continue to do so for most of the dates throughout 2015 leading up to their New Year’s Eve finale.

The members of Motley Crue have vowed that this will absolutely be the final tour and supposedly signed contracts forbidding them from doing reunion tours in the future. Cooper, however, has a better idea. He wants to just ‘kill’ them.

Cooper’s plan is to chop off each of the band’s heads as a finale to their final show, much as he has done to himself in so many concerts since the 70’s. ‘They finish up in the United States on New Year’s, and that’s their last gig. Why don’t you let me kill you onstage? That finishes everything. Four guillotines, floomp! Done! Auction off the heads on stakes.’

To hear Cooper’s comments, go to the Audio Boom website.

Alice Cooper will tour Australia with Motley Crue in May, 2015.