bryon 1
What got you into making music?
I would have to say my mom takes the blame in that department. She had an odd eclectic record collection that I used to listen to when I was young and it just stuck with me. She encouraged me to learn to play guitar when I was nine and I have been playing on and off most of my life. I also have a cousin who turned me on to some less than mainstream music when I was thirteen. I remember listening to Kraftwerk for the first time and couldn’t get the sound out of my head.
What has been your best experience musically so far?
I have to say I am quite new to this whole recognition stuff, having someone take a moment to give my music a listen to and ask if I would be interested in contributing to an album has been rather exciting.
What current projects do you have available ?
well, for now I am at the end of editing another instrumental piece for another compilation album and I am also trying to blend genres, ambient atmospheric with some EDM, just for fun.
What shows have you done recently?
None, like I said I am very new to this and still surprised someone would even take a listen to my music at all.
What makes you standout as an artist?
I’d like to think I have a relatively fresh outlook and sound with the types of music I make.
What are you up coming big moves to mention?
Well, there will be song on an up coming instrumental album and thats about it for now.
Where can people find your music (links)?
You can find me on iTunes, spotify, deezer, amazon . . .
What’s your social media handles?
Instagram @bryontapp, Facebook bryon.tapp
Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an Artist?
I live in Southern Minnesota,Near Rochester. I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world, Bonnie, who is my rock and my biggest supporter and never ending source of encouragement. I like to work with my hands and renovate old homes and I love old motorcycles. I am currently rebuilding an old BMW r80rt with r100 jugs on it, this and always making more music. I am also a professional photographer and love to cook, watercolor paint, metal sculpt and raise flowers in my every expanding garden.