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Focus one news artist spotlight

What got you into making music?

           Actually making music, is something I have always made.  I look at my life, like its music.  When I worked out or played sports and listened to music I felt like I was making music in my mind, or in my life, like a paint brush.   Now if the question is, what got me writing or recording music, my answer would be in two parts.  One part of the reason is because, I felt there’s a lack of music which I personally could identify with, in the Industry and the other half or part to the answer is, that it’s my life-line, or escape or outlet.  If it wasn’t for composing my own music, I might be locked away doing football years or In the mountains in Mexico sending product around the world or my Soul would be with my maker.  As i mentioned, making music is my LIFE-LINE…

What has been your best experience musically so far?

           My best musical experience is learning the business side of music and learning hands on. People turning there backs or shutting doors, in music has been a blessing in disguise, because it forced me to do what i do best, HUSSLE…  If it wasn’t for the lack of support that a persons ego creates towards me, it wouldn’t have created necessity.  They say, “the mother of all inventions is necessity”.  Oh, and being Independent is the greatest gift for a composer or producer or artist, which I is very grateful to be.

What current projects do you have available ?

           I actually have alot of music out there. I have a single called “NEEDED SOME MONEY” that’s really doing well worldwide.  My most current projects are, first off a compilation I’m blessed to be a part of called “Undiscovered-Gold-vol.4”, with my song “SINSEMILLA”, and lastly I have my Album called “CHOSEN”, that was just released June 30 2018, being distributed on all platforms worldwide…

What shows have you done recently?

          Recently since the beginning of 2018 I’ve been locked-in the lab polishing up singles that were released in the beginning of this year.  Also just finished my album, “CHOSEN” that took alot of time on the production side.  Furthermore, I’m planning on lining up a few shows in these next few months, so stay tuned and be ready to enjoy a great performance, King Mydas.

What makes you standout as an artist?

           What makes me stand out is a large range of things or reasons.  It’s actually a never ending fountain, which GOD-CREATOR OF ALL, has blessed me with.  It starts when I walk in a room I stand out people are drawn to me, drawn to my energy.  Likewise, my physical appearance is unique or rare and not copying someone elses style, I have my own swag.  My rhymes discuss reality from my own experiences or what I’ve been a part of, which is a rare commodity in an artist, I Is real, I is authentic.  My production is based on what the streets would listen to while flossing down the boulevard, since i is a Compton baby born at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital.  Finally my life path has been different and has exposed me to a lot of game through pain and sorrow, which now I is blessed to share with my fans through my pen.

What are you up coming big moves to mention?

          My biggest move by far, or currently is the release of my album, “CHOSEN”.  I’m marketing and promoting this project and pushing it worldwide.  I need everyone to go purchase, download, share and stream, “CHOSEN”.  Lastly I have a few features i might be working on for my next project, a few big artist have reached out to wanna work with me, so I’m very grateful for these opportunities.

Where can people find your music (links)?

                                                                     APPLE MUSIC=
                                                                     GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC=

What’s your social media handles?

                                                           INSTAGRAM=   @ikingmydas
                                                           TWITTER=        @ikingmydas

FACEBOOK=    @MydasKing

                                                           YOUTUBE=       @KingMydas

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an Artist?

                                                                                                   I been CHOSEN by THE CREATOR of LIFE to share my reality through this art form called music and I pray that all my fans and listeners can grasp what jewels I’ve been given through my journey. Also want my fans to know that without the support they have and continue to provide me has assisted me in finding my path and finding myself, I finally feel free, love my fans.