Bitter’s Kiss Love Won’t Make You Cry

Young Chloe Baker has a lot going for her. A warm adorable voice, a talented father who runs a studio and she’s not bad to look at either. The young songstress’ project Bitter’s Kiss delivers silky melodies with wise beyond her years candour. The New Jersey native’s latest EP, Love Won’t Make You Cry is a tender five-song collection. The production of her father is air tight providing soft soundscapes for his daughter’s voice to land on like a feather landing on the grass.

The single, ‘The Rope’ is a sombre examination of the motivations to make the decision to take your life. The video features a young girl facing pressures that befall women eventually leading to a dark end. This song could easily fill many a coming of age movie.
‘Love Won’t Make You Cry’ sounds like waking up next to your lover on a Sunday morning. Birds lightly chirping as you swim in waves of clean white sheets. The sun splitting in to rays as it hits the fine dust in the air. The love song about “Love” sees it at its most innocent and most enduring.

‘My God’ is an honest plea to understand her maker. The song is free of preaching, just an examination. “My God is better than your God/Is better than her God/But it’s all the same God”. Father, Michael lays down a McCartney-like bouncing melody complete with Macca style bass slides.

The latest EP from Bitter’s Kiss is perfectly executed soft pop. Her sound which easily draws comparisons to the likes of Regina Spector or Sixpence, None the Richer is sure to be popping up in all sorts of teary eyed final scenes of television shows. Songs that have hope showing through times of hardship.