Celebrity filled EDM Rap Pak debuts first mixtape and its LIT!


EDM Rap Pak pak which features and all star cast of: Baby Bash, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Lil Nate Dogg and Dj Serafin has released a 14 song free mixtape of their classic hits, revamped into EDM. The super group is the brainchild of Randolph and Ditch (rapper Ditch) who began the label Hood And Associates in 2014. The group performed recently at Avalon in Hollywood for over 2000 roaring EDM fans (Focus One News:http://focusonenews.com/news/edm-rap-pak-plays-for-2000-edm-fans/ ). The Edm fans love the new re vamps of some classic hip hop hits, which give the listener a rollercoaster ride of music. EDM Rap Pak will be performing shows all across the USA and at many large EDM festivals in Spring, Summer and Fall of 2016. The mixtape also features new music from: Frequency, Ashe, Lil Nate Dogg, and Kelly Kreme. The EDM Rap Pak mixtape is available now for free download at www.edmrappak.com . Hood And Associates management and record label can be found at www.hoodandtalent.com .