EDM Rap Pak plays for 2000 EDM fans at Avalon Hollywood

Hood And Associates latest creation Edm Rap Pak , which features an all celebrity cast (Baby Bash, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Lil Nate Dogg, and Dj Serafin), performed this past Wednesday night (February 3rd 2016) at Avalon in Hollywood, California for over 2000 hardcorde EDM fans. The super group re invented their famous hit rap and hip hop songs into a new EDM format, while performing them live onstage. Baby Bash performs revamped versions of his hits “Cyclone and the newly re animated “Suga Suga” which has also seen recent fame with the Robin Shultz remix* (*not the edm mix performed live by Baby Bash). Sen Dog of the arena filling group Cypress Hill performed his music to an EDM crowd with famous songs such as “Rock Superstar”, and “Insane In The Brain”. Lil Nate Dogg opened the show, son of the 4 time Grammy nominated rap icon Nate Dogg. Lil Nate Dogg re invented some of his father’s hit songs such as “Next Episode”, and “Nobody Does it Better” to Dj Serafin remixes. The well known Dj Serafin from Los Angeles, California mixed the music live onstage while adding a strong EDM sound to the super group. More information on EDM Rap Pak can be found on www.EDMRAPPAK.com . Hood And Associates the label creating the Edm Rap Pak, A Randolph/Ditch production, can be found at www.HOODANDTALENT.com .


Baby Bash performs for a sold out Avalon with Ditch


Ditch, Randolph, Baby Bash backstage


Bash reaches out to the fans while J Marin sings “Suga Suga”



Lil Nate Dogg, Baby Bash, Randolph, Sen Dog Of Cypress Hill hang backstage before the show



Sole Clemente warms up the crowd for EDM Rap Pak

lil nate d avalon back crowd balcony

Ditch, Rillah, Lil Nate Dogg destroy the stage with Edm Rap Pak

lil nate ditch avalon