EDM Rapper Frequency to release debut album this Tuesday

EDM Rapper Frequency to release debut album this Tuesday

EDM Hip Hop artist Frequency will release his long awaited EDM side (Lightning) of the double genre, double album; “Fire And Lightning” this Tuesday on all digital download services (I Tunes, Spotify, Shazzam, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, etc). Fans can also buy the CD and find relevant links here: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/frequency62 . The artist has been busy perfecting his craft over the last 8 months. He has recorded over 40 songs, a good portion of which are in his self created genre EDM Hip Hop or EDM rap. The album features a few celebrity guests such as Baby Bash on the EDM party smash “Tonight” which also features Ashe (another Hood And Associates artist). The song “Lightspeed” features famed battle rapper Daylyt and is a beautifully orchestrated song, with deep emotional sounds and lyrics. Both the artists really shine lyrically on “Lightspeed”. Cult icon, world famous pimp, Snoop Dogg’s spiritual advisor Bishop Don Magic Juan lends his preaching on songs like; “Pimpin”,  and “Click Clack”. The controversial song “SXX” which recently got the artist some nasty messages from parents and censors, has a women sexually climaxing in the song. Last winter Frequency, no stranger to hot women and the wild lifestyle, released a video for “The Long Run” which was also seen as too risqué. That song is sadly not featured on this part of the album. The song “So Clear” has amazing female vocals which shine bright and make the listener motivated for a “better life”. Ram Rock sings a very soulful hook on the EDM turn up song “Fantasy”. The 16 song epic “Fire And Lightning” is available also in limited edition hard copy on www.hoodandtalent.com .  The rap (“Fire”) side of the album will come out in Summer 2016 and showcases Frequency’s amazing rap ability on songs like “Desolition”, “The Long Run” and more.  “Fire And Lightning” was recorded at Park Style r

Frequency in Examiner Magazine

Arizona rapper Frequency is preparing to release his new album “Fire and Lightning – The Lightning Side” this month via Hood and Talent Records. The amateur rapper has already released some new tracks from the upcoming LP called “Crank it Up” and “Click Clack.” This LP acts as the follow up to his 2015 debut called “The Frequency.” Frequency, real name Chandler Kerns, tries to deliver a unique brand of rap by blending hip hop beats with EDM drops. It sounds interesting at times, but has a hard time finding its footing.

It’s no surprise his influences include Eminem, A$AP Rocky, and Yelawolf. These artists come out strong in Frequency’s style. Though he’s trying to climb his way up in the rap world, he hasn’t found his definite style. The passion is there, but he’s still a newbie to the rap world. But he’s making close friends having performed with Bow Wow, Kymani Marley, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, and Lil Nate Dog, the son of the late Nate Dog. Frequency previous released a music video for “The Long Run” taken off his 2015 album. You can watch it here. Story from: http://www.examiner.com/article/new-rapper-frequency-releases-new-lp-fire-and-lightning-the-lightning-side

September 2015 press release Frequency Signed to Hood And Associates

The Hood And Associates music label is proud to announce it has signed its second official artist to its roster a rap artist out of Mesa, Arizona called Frequency.  In what rapper ditch calls the Frequency project, Ditch says; “I am very excited to work with this young artist he is unique and has a different sound for rap. I think his style mixed with some of the electronic heavy beats and he will be around for years to come. He has fast lyrics with methodical storytelling embedded inside his writing”. The artist hails out of Scottsdale, Arizona and raps about real life situations. Producer and rap artist Pro will be recording the album alongside Ditch in South San Francisco California at Pro’s Park Style Records studio.

Randolph Hood will also add to the production of the album as well as mixing done at hybrid studios in Orange County, California. Frequency spoke on the life changing moment for him “I am so honored to be a part of this label I came to California with just a dream of performing for these guys to show them what I had and I left with a record deal and a signed contract I’m so excited that they’re investing into me and my album to get it done and get it done right. Not only that I’m super excited to work with the legendary producers and possible celebrity guests they’re providing”…

He continues; “I have seen ditches work over the years and it followed his movements I can’t believe he’s now helping me become a success”. Hood And Associates have set up a temporary website while they build their main frame website at www.hoodandtalent.com there you can see FREQUENCY’s page as well as the other band and the new trailer for FREQUENCY’s upcoming project. Up and coming artists are encouraged to upload their resumes and samples of music for review by the A and R team at the label.

Frequency has just recorded a song called “Alternate State” featuring Lil Nate Dogg (son of music icon Nate Dogg). He has recorded a few songs at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana, California. He will also be recording his new debut cd at Park Style Records (Pro’s studio), Pro is also providing 12 hot bay area beats for the project, in South San Francisco, California this Fall 2015. Hood And Associates have plans to have him team up with other celebrity guests for his debut CD.

Hood and Associates- the fast emerging company out of Orange County, California- have been working hard to find good talent for their blossoming label and Management Company. They have already signed a Young band out of Palm Desert California that has been hard at work in the studio working on their debut album. The band is a young teenage sensation playing alternative electronic EDM music. That band is produced by Ditch, Randolph Hood, Ronnie King and Alvin Taylor. The band has already recorded 12 songs one of which features Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. News on that project will be announced as soon as fall or winter 2015.