EXCLUSIVE: Matt Goss: I’m working with Estefan


Matt Goss celebrated a five-year run at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas and Music-News.com was on hand to witness the event.

On our way to SXSW festival Music-News.com dropped in on the very hospitable Matt Goss to check out the big band influenced show. Wearing a tuxedo Goss worked the intimate oldest room in Caesars Palace – previously hosted by the one and only Frank Sinatra – and charmed the sell out crowd with his easy repartee.

The 2-hour show saw him and his nine-piece band with spectacular horn section deliver classics such as Frank Sinatra – I’ve Got The World On A String, Muse – New Dawn and The Eagles – Hotel California. Reworked versions of Bros classics ‘I Owe You Nothing’ and ‘When Will I be Famous’ also made a welcome appearance as did four burlesque dancers he named The Dirty Virgins.

Talking exclusively to Music-News.com the following day at the lovely Spago restaurant in the Caesars Palace complex Matt told us, “I’ve been in Vegas for six years, but it’s actually five years at Caesars. Five years at Caesars Palace is a landmark for me, its half a decade and a tough place to have a show last that long and I’m still staying, I’m not planning on leaving Caesars. So for me I’m very proud that the show has managed to entertain people as you saw last night, it’s a lot more cheeky than people think.”

He also revealed that he is recording two albums in 2015.

“I’m making two more records this year, I’m going to be making a record with Emilio Estefan, an incredible man and his wife Gloria Estefan. They’ve won so many Grammys and we’ve got a great project we’re working on. He’s the quintessential gentleman and they both, Emilio and Gloria, exude humility. They are so humble and they are king and queen of the Latin market. I love them and they’ve always been so kind to me. And I’m looking forward to sharing this record, which we have conceived, we’re going to start recording and I cannot wait to share that record. It’s the first time I have told anyone about it.”

And before that I’ve got probably my favorite record I’ve ever made, it’s a Christmas record. Musically that’s finished, it’s my favorite album and very different to what you would think. It’s extremely  cool, its very smoky and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed the sound and music more than I have with this record.”

Asked about it’s style Matt commented, its Jazz but as smoky as it gets. I don’t mean it in an inappropriate way but it’s almost a baby making record. It’s so beautiful and sexy, a really nice sounding Christmas record.”

To hear the Estefan revelation skip straight to the start of part 2 below, but be sure to check out both parts as Matt Goss is a man still at the top of his game with much to say.