Idris Elba’s musical talents shine


Idris Elba is the man of the moment, turning his hand to a variety of different things. He’s acted in a number of box office hit films over the years and, very soon, his distinctive voice will be heard in Finding Dory and The Jungle Book. As well as film, Idris has also has a well-known and loved career on TV, starring in shows such as Luther, where he plays the title character.
The London-born 43-year-old has also had his voice featured in video games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and he has recently designed clothes including polos for Superdry. However, the list doesn’t stop there!

The most important thing in Idris’ life right now is the music he’s been involved with – firstly, he’s a DJ. “I’ve always been DJing,” he says to GQ magazine, “It’s just I’m making more of a push for it, making it more public. I’m at a massive crossroads at the moment. Whether it’s music or acting, that creativity all comes from the same source.”

Earlier this year, he played Glastonbury after failing to perform the year before due to acting commitments. The set was very well received, with both music lovers and Idris hyped. There have also been stints at various nightclubs, including Kilburn’s Love & Liquor, where Idris has shown what his DJ skills are made of. He’s been DJing since he was 14 and likes to create a party scene with his set.

Idris has also featured on a popular grime tune with Skepta and, more recently, has teamed up with hip-hop artist D’Banj and rapper Shadowboxer for D’Banj’s new single ‘Confidential’.

Will there be more where that came from? It’s clear he’s sticking with grime for now. Idris told the Metro: “To me, grime is the purest form of hip-hop in the world at the moment because it comes from a place of: ‘We are who we are and we aspire to be this.’ I feel close to that.”

Idris’ music has had a great response, but should he stick to acting or music? We hope his schedule allows for both (and more) as there is no telling what the limits are for this man.