Jack Black: Music is in my blood

Jack Black gets a “sexual” charge when performing music.

The multitalented star is prolific in both the acting and music industries, impressing with films such as School of Rock and The Holiday and band Tenacious D.

The rock duo, which also includes Kyle Gass, won the Grammy for best metal performance this year, which isn’t surprising, thanks to Jack’s love of being on stage.

“You got to rehearse your jams, but once they’re in your bloodstream, it’s one of the best, easiest jobs there is. And the charge that you get in front of a crowd – it’s sexual,” he gushed to Billboard magazine.

This is in contrast to his work as an actor, which requires far more preparation. Comedy The D Train premiered at Sundance this year and also stars James Marsden.

“You get there before the sun rises for a 12-hour day. You work into the night memorising,” Jack said of his life in film.

“I’m not one of those gifted people who can just look at a page of dialogue and remember it. That’s what Robert Downey Jr. does.”

Of course any creative job leaves open the possibility of people not responding well. However, Jack jokes he can’t pick what’s worst between a movie or album “flop”, as he’s never made either.

And if anyone wants to follow in his footsteps, they should maybe ask him how he’s managed to straddle both industries.

“Have any actors asked me how to break into music? No. They just look at me longingly, and I feel hot jealousy beaming from their nose and ears,” he deadpanned.