Jennifer Lopez’s twins creep around to let her sleep

Jennifer Lopez’s twins sneak around so they don’t wake her up after she’s been working hard.

The 46-year-old star has seven-year-old twins Max and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. As well as parenting duties keeping her on her toes, Jennifer is currently juggling a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and an acting career – but luckily her children realise she’s under a lot of pressure.

“My kids are used to their mommy working a lot,” Jennifer told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “They know I’m busy and we’re like a team. If I’ve been working a lot, they actually try to make sure that they don’t wake me up in the morning. They’re amazingly supportive and I try to stay with them as much as possible. They are usually with me wherever I’m working. It’s a hectic kind of life, but they’re used to it and they find it fun.”

Although Jennifer enjoys acting and had fun while judging TV talent show American Idol, singing has always had a special place in her heart. She worked hard to get her residency show right, explaining she wanted it to feel like a “(New York area) Bronx-style block party” before she first took to the stage. Performing is when she feels most content.

“When I’m on stage I have this incredible sensation of feeling the energy and love that comes from the audience,” she said. “Having the chance to express yourself and be creative is the most wonderful feeling.”

None of this has come easily to the star though. Even as a child she gave singing and dancing her all – something she learned was important via her family.

“As a child I always set big goals for myself,” she said. “When I went to dance class, I was the first to arrive and the last to leave. I believed that if I worked hard enough I would one day get the chance to succeed. My mom and dad taught me the lesson of hard work.”