Justin Bieber tops Vevo most viewed list

Vevo, the worlds premium music video platform has today released streaming figures for February 2016, unveiling the top three artists streamed on the platform, as well as the top three performances from this year’s BRIT Awards, which for the first time appeared on Vevo immediately after the event.

With the performances available through Vevo, the music service has seen a strong correlation between the top BRITS content and the top artists for February.

This month, for the second in a row, Justin Bieber tops the chart, with over 34.5 million views in the UK across his catalogue.

One Direction are in at #2 with nearly 17 million views, and Rihanna takes the #3 spot with 15.5 million views. The 2016 BRIT Awards, saw some very special performances from the worlds’ biggest artists, and hosted on Vevo, these have seen huge views globally.

Rihanna tops the chart with nearly 13 million views, following her hotly anticipated performance of ‘Work’ featuring Drake. Justin Bieber’s two song performance was watched globally nearly 8 million times, and Adele’s performance of ‘When We Were Young’ has been watched nearly 5 million times.

Vevo also saw an average increase of 58% in views across the catalogue of all winners’ videos, on the day after the show, when compared to the day before the show. (23th Feb v 25th Feb).

February – Top 3 Most Viewed Artists:

1 JUSTIN BIEBER – 34,574,943 views
2 ONE DIRECTION – 16,812,049 views
3 RIHANNA – 15,501,557 views

Top 3 BRIT Awards Performances (Global Views)

1. RIHANNA FT. DRAKE – WORK – 12,919,550 views
2. JUSTIN BIEBER – LOVE YOURSELF & SORRY – 7,782,513 views
3. ADELE – WHEN WE WERE YOUNG – 4,929,420 views