Kali Budz to launch religious cannabis collective


Kali Budz Compassionate clinic launches religious based collective, a first for the industry.

Kali Budz Compassionate clinic have been in business since 2012 focusing mainly on the compassionate side of the cannabis medicinal industry. The leader has been in the church ministry since he 6 years old and it has always been a passion of theirs to help others and to bring joy to another person’s life.  The clinics mission is to be a blessing to others through the healing properties of cannabis that was created by God and approved by God. The group has put together goals of the next 5 years in the cannabis industry:

  • Establishment of their church in collaboration with the Native American Tribes and Indian Reservation lands
    • Blessing of their church
      • Greenhouse Growing Installation (proposed 10)
      • Outdoor Aquaponics Garden
      • Indoor Growing Installation
      • Storefront Construction
      • Delivery & Transport Services
      • Compassionate Gardens & Care Centers
  • Establishment of volunteer to work recruitment and training center
    • Focus on employable veterans & families
    • Employable disabled and special needs
    • Minorities and Disenfranchised
  • Establishment of Live Scan services for background check and fingerprint check verification
    • Criminal Background Check
    • Social Security Verficiation
    • Immigration and E-Verification Check
  • Counseling and Support Group
    • Faith Based Support Groups
      • Focusing on PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction
      • Side effects of Treatments
        •  Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy ETC…
      • Family Guidance Support
      • Widow & Loss of Parent Counseling

Their collective is socioeconomic and centered around the love of Christ. They seek to make a positive social impact with economical sense that reintegrates key components of ‘community, family, integrity, honor and respect’ in our business practices.
They are different as they are a collective of Christians who know and love the Lord. We seek to use this herb that God made and saw that it was good as a ministry tool used to spread natures remedy of healing and spreading of God’s love through action and through a humble positive approach.

Their TV Channel will focus on a variety of topics. Ranging from depression, anxiety, obesity, cancer, any ailments that cannabis may treat. Also current political subjects regarding cannabis, Christians, outreach, and healing. They will be featured on the Cannabis version of Shark Tank called Arc tank. They plan on opening around Thanksgiving day In their opinion tax collectors have violated God’s creation and used it as only self gain instead of helping their fellow man/woman/child/senior. The collective has built 5 churches in the islands with hard work and have helped many people without cannabis. They are passionate about helping others and know what it takes to be a vessel of hope in a dark cold world!

Oraginic Relief can be found at:


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: ORGANICRELIEF

http://420petition.info  To send the collective mail please send to:  Organic Relief P.O. Box 347164, San Francisco, 94134 (916)226-9953 Customers are offered:

Free gifts. Volunteer to work Programs, counseling , patient appreciation days, and more.