Kylie Minogue’s fiance: ‘You don’t choose who you love’

Kylie Minogue’s fiance Joshua Sasse has no concerns over the couple’s 20-year age gap.

Many headlines have been made about the age difference between 28-year-old Joshua and his bride-to-be, but the actor insists he thinks nothing of it.

“You don’t choose who you fall in love with, and it doesn’t matter who they are, it comes with a very certain and specific struggle,” he told Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. “She has baggage and I have it in equal bounds. So you just have to focus on the good things.”

Joshua has been dating the 48-year-old Can’t Get You Out of My Head singer since last September (15) and their engagement was announced in February (16).

They are reported to be tying the knot in Kylie’s native Australia later this year (16), but the singer’s back catalogue is unlikely to play a part of the big day.

“Pop music isn’t really my demographic; the only song of Kylie’s I knew was Can’t Get You Out of My Head before I met her,” Joshua smiled.

“But now, I think her Christmas album (Kylie Christmas) is unreal. I never felt anything more Christmassy and that was the period of time we were getting together. So that album reminds me of lots of lovely things.”

Despite enjoying a successful acting career prior to meeting Kylie, their relationship has seen Joshua’s fame increase dramatically. However, Joshua insists he never wanted to be a celebrity, and won’t be courting that side of his job once he becomes Mr. Minogue.

“Fame isn’t real, and it’s relative to how you approach it,” he said. “I always find it weird when I meet people who have always wanted to be famous. It kind of makes me a bit unhinged because I don’t understand that thinking.”

Joshua can next be seen starring in TV show No Tomorrow, which follows a man who asks his partner to make a bucket list before the end of the world.

Asked what he would do if he had just one day to live, Joshua cheekily replied: “I would have a naked day in nature and have lots of lovely sex!”