Liam Payne supporting ex’s new business venture

Liam Payne has lent his full support to his ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer’s new cosmetics line.

The One Direction singer dated dancer Danielle for more than two years, but they called things quits in 2013. However they remain friends, with Danielle revealing Liam has her back when it comes to business.

“Having a bit of perseverance and being supported by Liam has been great,” Danielle smiled to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper. “We still support each other and I think that’s been really vital for me and for him.”

A romantic reunion isn’t on the cards though, despite the fact that Liam recently broke up with Sophia Smith.

“We’re definitely on good terms but it has been three years, that’s a long time now we’ve been broken up,” she stated. “We’re both over it, we’ve both moved on, we’re not going to sit here and sl*g each other off but it is what it is.”

The split hasn’t stopped Liam’s legions of fans from also showing support, which Danielle describes as “amazing”. The Directioners have been keen to get their hands on Danielle’s new collection with Young and Gifted, called Peace, Love & Happiness. It consists of three fragrances and three eyeshadow palettes.

“It says a lot about that fan base as a whole, they are obviously very loyal and I think I’ve gained their respect and maintained my self-respect by the way I’ve dealt with things,” she smiled. “I haven’t gone and sold myself out or anybody else. I would never have done that.

“I’m very grateful to them, I’m now getting on with my own life and doing my own thing and they’re still supporting me. There are always going to be a few people who dislike you but you can’t really hate someone for falling in love with someone else, each to their own.”