Lil Nate Dogg signs huge record deal with Hood And Associates

lil nate

Hood and associates music label is announcing that as of today (January 6th 2015), they have signed Lil Nate Dogg, 22, son of the late famed rapper Nate Dogg (Regulate, Next Episode, Aint No Fun).

Hood and Associates specializes in EDM/Alternative/Rap music genres and feel their new artist will become an overnight sensation. The label considers him to be the Floyd Mayweather of music as both parents coached each of them from a very young age. Lil Nate Dogg’s Project will fuse rap and Edm into a double genre Project (part EDM and part rap). The Project is set to be recorded at Park Style Records in San Francisco, California by producer Pro (aka Da Pro), Alvin Taylor (Elton John, Little Richard, Fleetwood Mac), Randolph, Rapper and Producer Ditch. Lil Nate Dogg has worked with the company on several occasions since August 2015, when he recorded a song called “Alternate State” with label artist Frequency (hear it here: (

The project is aimed to poise Lil Nate Dogg to perform on both EDM music festivals, Hip Hop festivals and every type of festival in between. “We at Hood and Associates want our artists to be on the massive stages with the massive crowds, EDM is the future and that is the direction our label is heading in 2016” Says Randolph, CEO of the boutique music label, which was founded in Fall of 2014. Lil Nate Dogg can be found on the website the labels only official website as well as his own website . Final Project mixing will be done at Hybrid Studio, in Santa Ana, California by famed engineer Josh. Lil Nate Dogg will also have a few music videos coming out from the Company directed and edited by Matt Heckman. Other artists on the label that will be launched in 2016:

*IIIZ, an amazing teenage alternative/EDM electronic band self titled debut Project due in Early 2016 (the Depeche Mode band of EDM)

*Frequency, 19, an amazing EDM rapper who has over 40 songs recorded for his debut Project fire Due in early 2016 “We feel he could become bigger than Eminem as at his age, he already killing it” says Randolph label CEO.

*Ashe, 24, a female fast rapper who raps on dub step trap beats has just recorded her first Project due for release in Early 2016.

All artists have been produced and assisted by: Song writer and celebrity vocal coach Melanie Andrews (Janet Jackson, Billy Idol), Alvin Taylor (Elton John, Little Richard, Fleetwood Mac), Randolph, Rapper and Producer Ditch.

Hear Frequency featuring Lil Nate Dogg “Alternate State” free below for a limited time

IIIZ Alternative reel:

IIIZ EDM reel: