Liv Austen

3582420It’s not been a bad year for country music in the UK. Thanks to The Shires and to a lesser extent Ward Thomas, the genre is beginning to become more accepted. The annual Country 2 Country music festival has also had a huge impact, proving just how popular country music is across the UK. Radio 2 loves it as well, loading its playlist regularly with artists that tick that box.

But what is country music? It’s a question that both interests and perplexes Liv Austen, a London based singer who is hoping to take a ride on the back of this new popularity. However country music covers such a broad area; from Willie Nelson or Glenn Campbell to the likes of Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Liv Austen lands somewhere in between those two extremes and has been talking to Music News about her love of country music and what inspires her to write. Having grown up in Norway and lived for a time in Belgium, it’s an interesting journey to end up in London singing about how many she has kissed!