Nick Carter: ‘The truth will come out about my arrest’

Singer Nick Carter insists the true story behind his arrest on Wednesday (13Jan16) night has not yet been revealed.

The 35-year-old Backstreet Boys star and his friend Michael Papayans were taken into custody by police outside the Hogs Breath Saloon in Key West, Florida after an alleged bust-up took place between the men and the drinking establishment’s security guards.

Carter bailed himself out of the Monroe County jail after he was arraigned in court and charged with misdemeanour battery on Thursday (14Jan16).

And on his way out of the detention facility, Carter implied very little of what has been reported in the press represents what actually took place the night of the incident.

When asked by a cameraman if he “choked a bouncer”, as per media reports, Carter replied: “You know, I’m just a guy who is trying to enjoy some vacation time down here in Key West and the truth will come out.”

The New York Daily News published a video clip taken from a police bodycam, which captures Papayans and Carter giving their version of the story to authorities, who arrived to the scene at the tail end of the incident.

“I did not do anything,” Papayans declared in the footage. “I was trying to get my friend to stop and they tackled me like they were f**king Navy SEALs or something.”

According to the, the pair was booted from the venue after a bartender refused to serve Carter and his pal any more drinks.

In a separate video obtained by TMZ, Carter is captured getting very emotional while asking police officers for a chance to rectify the situation himself with the bar owners.

In the footage he is also overcome with emotion while apologising to his friend.

“I’m so sorry, man!” he implored in the clip just minutes before his arrest took place.