Rapper Frequency electrifies House Of Blues Anaheim

frequency jet

Frequency the 19 year old rapper performed his first show last night (11-10-2015) at the House Of Blues Anaheim, California. The show was filled with special stage effects, a laser show and amazing female dancers. Singer Mariana sang on the song “Crank It Up” as a special guest, wearing a sleek black dress, she sang her parts loud. Frequency ran through his set which included songs “The Long Run” (watch “The Long Run” music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_24JmGcmWLc) which has a solid EDM party beat, “Lucid Lies” which is a smooth rap verse set to a strong moving trap beat in which the beat takes the lead upon chorus time. Song like “No Sleep” and “Move Along” are party anthems, bringing to mind back yard house parties and good times by the beach. He closed the show with a strong female lead driven song “Click Clak” which had the dancers doing arrangements with Frequency. Frequency will release a double album called “Fire and Lightning” in which one side will be rap and one side will be EDM rap in Early 2016 from his label Hood And Associates. Frequency was signed in August of 2015 to the Southern California label Hood And Associates. More information on Frequency can be found at www.hoodandtalent.com www.frequency66.com and the soon to be reveled fan website www.frequency33.com in which fans will interact directly with the artist. Check out some of the event photos in this story.