Robbie calls for new Kylie duet


Robbie Williams wants to duet with Kylie Minogue again.

The “Angels” singer collaborated with the “Can”t Get You Out Of My Head” hitmaker on “Kids” in 2000 and has revealed he”d love to team up with her again on a new song he”s written for his next album.

He said: “The Kylie duet might not come off and that would be very embarrassing now that I”ve said too much already.

“Maybe I used up that token of the duet thing. I”ve got this great tune that”s incredibly camp and I would love her to sing on it with me. Maybe she will, maybe she won”t, watch this space.”

Robbie also expressed an interest in working with “Grace of Monaco actress Nicole Kidman again following their duet on his album “Swing When You”re Winning”, “Something Stupid” in 2001.

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old star opened up about embracing fashion and keeping in shape when it comes to performing on stage.

He told “I am taking a leaf out of Elton John and Rod Stewart”s book.

“In the past I thought, “Who do I think I am by wearing that?” but now I have my big boy pants on so they might as well be Versace and Louboutins.”

Speaking about his decision to give up sugar, red meat, pasta and bread, he added: “I am professional, I”ve got to do this s**t and I”m a “pop star”, so for me to go out there and not feel ashamed, then I have to look a certain way.

“And I”m a bit of a dancer, I move on stage and I need to be lithe. Or at least more lithe than I have been.”