Sir Cadian Rhythm Identity Crisis

Just in time for the dog days of summer, Sir Cadian Rhythm’s new album Identity Crisis gives you a breezy 5 song EP that deals with the effects of the season of hedonism. The Long Island, New York rock fusion outfit consisting of Jack Weppler (Vocals), Alex Laudani (Guitar), Richie Cluxton (Bass), Micah Cowher (Drums), Matt Carlin (Keyboards, Horn, Vocals) bring their wide range of influences together to craft a cohesive record of youthful yet wistful rock hits. The songs bring to mind long July days bleeding into nights out on the boardwalk. The scent of coconut oil on baked skin, the smell of cotton candy and hot dogs. Girls are running around in bikinis but your mind is stuck on that one woman that just won’t leave your thoughts. She’s not like the others.

Identity Crisis’ first track and lead single is the infectious “Gwen Barkley in the 20th Century’. The band runs a tight, easy going backing while Weppler’s golden voice tells a tale of love’s trappings and missed chances. Like a Maroon 5 hit, the melodies stick in your head long after that first listen. A well-shot music video accompanies the track.

‘All is Fair in Love and War’ continues the narrative exploring the implications of the title. Funky slap bass and horns give the track a late era Chilli Peppers vibe. A dreamy vocal breakdown and sing-along outro make this track as catchy as the first. The album finishes with 3 songs in the same vein but without the same vigour and creativity. Mid-tempo, shimmering songs but lacking a real hook.

Sir Cadian Rhythm is a bit of a guilty pleasure band, like their peers in the genre. The songs are all tight, well-crafted pop rock nuggets. The lyrics are thoughtful, albeit shallow dives. A perfect date night band.