Skrillex talks Bieber

SkrillexEDM musician Skrillex is impressed with the “sense of honesty” present on Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose.

The 27-year-old DJ produced songs such as I’ll Show You, Sorry, The Feeling and Children for Justin’s fourth studio LP.

Skrillex is happy with the final product because he thinks the tracks successfully represent a “growing up” process.

“His album is so honest to who he is right now,” he told NME. “He’s still a pop star making pop music, but at the same time, all the stuff I worked on with him had a sense of honesty about it. I’m not saying he wasn’t honest before, but when you listen to his lyrics, you can tell he is becoming an adult.”

Skrillex and his frequent musical collaborator Diplo teamed up with Justin before, as the 21 year old pop star featured on their song Where Are Ü Now, which was released to the public in February 2015 under the electronic duos collaborative alias Jack Ü.

For Skrillex, real name Sonny Moore, reteaming with Justin was a no-brainer because the raw tracks for Purpose were extremely appealing.

“If you hear something that inspires you musically, you just want to be a part of it,” he explained. “I heard some well-written songs that were really good that they wanted me to do production on and from there, we wrote some new songs. It was an opportunity to try some stuff that I had never done before and we ended up making something really unique.”

Skrillex names Children as his favourite tune on Justin’s fresh album, primarily because of the responsibility inherent in the lyrics.

“I think he’s starting to grapple with the fact that he’s a role model for a generation,” he said of Justin. “I can’t speak for him, but I think he wants to be able to spread a positive message for young people.”