Slash Tells Friend GNR Won’t Reunite For Tour, Is He Lying?


The above is a photoshopped depiction of what Axl Rose and Slash would look like together in 2015.

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Vicky Hamilton claimed on Facebook a couple of days ago that Slash told her that Guns N’ Roses will not reunite for a tour:

‘OK…was texting with Slash who is on tour…he says the GNR tour isn’t happening…so that’s all I know… your guess is as good as mine…’

She added, “He has talked with Axl…it’s friendly I believe.”

The entire band (minus Duff McKagan) lived in Hamilton’s one bedroom apartment during their early days. While Slash has told Hamilton that there won’t be a reunion tour, many are speculating that Slash is lying to keep the reunion a secret, especially since Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash have made no comments regarding the rumors, with Slash refusing to discuss (or deny) the rumors in interviews and on social media.

Since Hamilton’s Facebook report, LA Weekly has reported that AEG and Goldenvoice have been courting GNR for the band’s first reunion show. An LA Weekly reporter asked a former NIN tour manager what he thought about the reunion, and his reaction was to freak out and walk away, as if they had asked him for missile launch codes. The tour manager, who’s a close friend of bassist Duff McKagan, could have denied the rumors calmly; instead, his abrupt reaction sent a signal that something is happening. But it’s unclear what that something is.