Taylor Swift performs at fan’s wedding

Taylor Swift made a fan’s nuptials unforgettable when she made a surprise appearance at their wedding reception.

The 26-year-old superstar stunned Max Singer and Kenya Smith on Saturday (04Jun16), when she turned wedding singer to perform an acoustic version of Blank Space at the couple’s reception at the Brant Beach Yacht Club in Brant Beach, New Jersey.

Taylor’s big surprise had been organised by Max’s sister Ali, who had reached out to the Shake It Off hitmaker in April (16) and detailed how their mother had passed away before being able to watch her son officially walk down the aisle, reports People.com. Max and Kenya had exchanged vows in a simple ceremony at his mother’s hospital bedside earlier this year (16), so she wouldn’t miss out on their big day, and Max and his mum danced to Blank Space after the intimate ceremony.

Ali had been working closely with Taylor to arrange her appearance, and the plans culminated on Saturday when she arrived at the reception to sing for longtime fan Max and his new bride.

Taylor even posed for pictures with the wedding party online, and guests were keen to share the news of the superstar gatecrasher on social media.

“REMEMBER WHEN TAYLOR SWIFT CRASHED MY SISTER’S WEDDING,” Kenya’s sister Ashley excitedly wrote on Twitter.

“So Taylor Swift showed up to my cousins (sic) wedding… #Surprised,” Gage Simmons captioned a video of the singer, who can be seen playing the piano while dressed in a multicoloured gown. “You can sing along!” she tells the guests in the clip.

Taylor also presented the happy couple with a sweet card, which she had seemingly painted herself.

“So it’s gonna (sic) be forever,” she wrote on the card, in reference to the lyrics of her Blank Space track, and painted a garland of flowers around the couple’s wedding date.

She also shared photos from the big day on Instagram, posting a snap of herself with the bride and groom and family members pouting for the camera. “Congratulations Max and Kenya!!” the singer captioned the shot.

In the second image from the wedding, Taylor wrote, “Third wheel” alongside a photo of herself posing with the bride, while groom Max photobombed the picture.

Taylor’s wedding appearance came just days after it was revealed she had split from boyfriend Calvin Harris, who she had been dating since March, 2015.