Teen sensation IIIZ performs stellar show at House Of Blues Anaheim

Hood And Associates new signee’s IIIZ (formerly the yip yops, pronounced eyes) performed last night at House Of Blues Anaheim, California. The concert was held to celebrate the Acropolis RPM 7th annual Abc 7 Spark Of Love toy drive. Fans brought a massive amount of toys that will be donated to the Spark Of Love and Toys for tots charities.

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IIIZ signed to blossoming label Hood And Associates in May 2015 and have been very hard at work on their debut self titled album. The bands ability to fuse alternative and electronic with even a splash of EDM will create a new genre of music for the future. IIIZ are lead by 2 strong vocalists: Ison Van Winkle, age 16, and Mari Brossfield, age 14. The rhythm section has 18 year old Ross Murakami on drums and heavy bass played by Jacob Guiterrez, age 16. The band performed amid a high tech laser and co2 show filled with special effects. The concert was all ages with everyone from kids to adult rockers in the crowd, all stunned by the bands unique sound and live performance.  concert is free to attend for IIIZ fans who can bring a toy to donate or email Ditch@hoodandtalent.com for free tickets to tonight’s show. Hood And Associates and IIIZ can be found at www.hoodandtalent.com .

More information on IIIZ:

IIIZ are from Coachella Valley, California. The Desert sound element in their music is reminiscent of The Cult, with melodic musical chants that give even the most quiet person the want to sing along.

The band is produced by Ronnie King, Ditch and Alvin Taylor. The band has recently recorded with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill as well in a song called “Get Away” which fuses Edm, alternative and rap into a nicely woven masterpiece.

IIIZ pronounced Eyes” are being mentored and coddled to be the next huge break out success and very well may rival other other bands in sales and popularity like: Gun n Roses, Linkin Park, Boston, Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails and others.

Their self titled debut album IIIZ due out In Jan. 2016 has more potential hits included in this 15 song album than any other debut album as it fuses Alternative Rock with EDM in a surreal fashion and could be a major game changer as the band has created a new genre. Producers and critics call the new genre Alternative EDM and it’s amazing melodic songs will blow you away as each and every song blows up and implodes the listener.