Tom Odell escaped from disaster date through toilet window

Tom Odell once climbed out a toilet window to escape a bad date.

The Another Love singer sings about the ups and downs of love and relationships in his songs and admits he’s suffered his fair share of blunders in real life too.

“I’ve been on some bad dates,” he told Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine. “One was so bad I actually climbed out of a toilet window. I’ve definitely come up with a few excuses too like, ‘My friend is going through something, I’ve got to go’, or, ‘My house is burning down’. There’s only so many times you can use that one though.”

Much of Tom’s music is go-to material for lovers, with tracks such as Grow Old with Me and Hold Me perfect to play during romantic scenarios. The musician himself has even used his own work to woo a girl before he became a global star.

“When I was 19 I made the awful mistake of writing a song for someone,” the 26-year-old recalled. “I was in the doghouse because I’d forgotten to get her a Valentine’s Day present and I wrote a song because it was the quickest thing I could do. It wasn’t very well written and was so obvious and cheesy. Now I think that the best gift you can get someone is a book inspired by that person.”

Tom is back in the spotlight this year (16) with his second album Wrong Crowd, three years after he dropped his debut Long Way Down. He collaborated with top producer Jim Abbiss, who has previously worked with artists such as Adele and Arctic Monkeys, to create a “big and dramatic” record. Tom previously explained it follows the narrative of a man “held at ransom by his childhood”.